Welcome to The Northwest Dentist! On behalf of publisher LLM Publications and our whole team, I’m thrilled to present you with this new resource. I hope you’ll enjoy reading it as much as we’ve enjoyed creating it.

The Northwest Dentist is designed to help professionals in Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana, Alaska and Wyoming strengthen their practices. The quarterly publication will share best practices, policy ideas, tools and tips, local news and ideas for meaningful volunteerism.

There’s value in examining the business of dentistry from a regional perspective. Sometimes solutions that work in other parts of the country aren’t successful here because we have a different operating environment. Looking to your nearby peers for answers and ideas may lead to better outcomes.

States often adopt policy ideas from their neighbors. Knowing what’s happening throughout the region can help you anticipate regulations that might be coming, or find legislative solutions that will work in your area.

In addition, people living in the Northwest tend to have certain values: independence, a desire to support local businesses, respect for the natural environment and a genuine focus on serving others. We want to celebrate people in the region who are doing work that reflects those values.

Over the next few months we’re hoping to build an editorial advisory board that includes dentists from each state. If you minored in journalism in college, like to write or just have lots of opinions, consider joining. Email me at nwdentistmag@gmail.com and tell me why you’re interested in becoming a member.

Even if you can’t commit to joining the editorial board, please drop us a note and let us know what you think about our first issue. We also encourage you to suggest stories. If you know of a person, business practice or program we should write about, send me an email at nwdentistmag@gmail.com. Do the same if there’s a question we can answer, or a story you’d like to read in these pages. Your ideas will help us build a stronger dental community in the region we’re proud to call home.



Sophia Bennett